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  1. 2016-04-27 “Taiwan New Wave Cinema:The City and the Country” 台灣新電影:城市與鄉土 Date: 6 May 2016 (Friday) Time: 10:00am – 1:00 pm Speaker: Dr. Louis Lo, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Taipei Tech. Venue:Room 401, General Studies Building, Taipei Tech. Engage on Facebook
  2. 2016-04-26 國父紀念館徵求暑期實習~ 另外,徵求一名應屆畢業生擔任中英文導覽職務的代理人,上班期間為4月底到11月份。 請有意願的同學填寫履歷表後,於5月9日前Mail至,履歷表下載: Link Engage on Facebook
  3. 2016-04-25 常春藤雜誌徵求2位實習生 請有意願的同學填寫履歷表後,於5月2日前Mail至,履歷表下載: Link Engage on Facebook
  4. 2016-04-23 碩士班修習專題討論的同學: 4/25不上課改成延後一週5/2上課 Engage on Facebook
  5. 2016-04-19 基隆市輔大聖心國民小學徵募英文老師,詳情請參附件。 Engage on Facebook
  6. 2016-04-14 Interested faculty, students, and alumni are requested to register for Taipei Tech’s Forgotten Books and Cultural Memory conference and companion cultural events (May 26­–28). Cultural event registration closes this Friday, April 15: Link. We will be visiting the Suho Memorial Paper Museum, NTU Library and Special Collections, Wisteria Tea House, Academia Sinica's Museum of the Institute of History and Philology and Archives of the Institute for Taiwan History, Taipei Tea House, and the National Palace Museum. Event registrants will have the opportunity to meet several of the international scholars presenting at our conference. In the coming weeks, we will also be seeking students who are willing to help at these events with translation and helping the scholars get from place to place. Conference registration closes on May 1. You can see the preliminary conference schedule at our website: Link Engage on Facebook
  7. 2016-04-13 本系教室負責清潔班級如下: 301-1室:碩士班/碩專班 401室:四英四 403室/716室:四英一 714室:四英二 715室:四英三 分配方式是按照使用該教室的比例,希望各班班代或服務股長能安排同學於課前或課後進行教室環境清潔,謝謝各位。 Engage on Facebook
  8. 2016-04-13 本系實習委員會預定於第10週召開,請自行申請實習單位的同學提供公司基本資料表至系辦,將交由實習委員會審核,謝謝。 Engage on Facebook
  9. 2016-04-12 各位親愛的同學: 4/13(三)下午因參與系上教師尊翁告別式,部份課程調整如下: 四英二 中級寫作b班 5/6節 停課乙次 四英二 現代西方文學 789節 延後於3:30開始 四英四 中英翻譯A班 78節 延後於3:30開始 Engage on Facebook
  10. 2016-04-12 各位親愛的碩士生及碩專生: 預計於本學期(104-2)畢業者,有關學位考試,請依時程辦理:前申請學位考試 日間部表單:Link 碩專班表單:Link前舉辦學位考試 Engage on Facebook
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