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  1. 2015-07-25 洪媽益老師徵才 A. Requirements are as follows. 1. English major students (junior/senior year preferred) 2. English (or linguistics) academic grades over 80 3. Hard-working and persistent ( being able to work for one-year period) 4. Students with linguistics background are preferred 5. Students intending to learn to do a language research project by working on this part-time job are welcome B. Job Period: 2015/0801~2016/07/31 C. Job description: *Collecting, Coding and learning to analyze corpus data (written and spoken Chinese/English) *Learn to work on literature review: read and report the papers I assign *Help to conduct psycholinguistic experiments (I will teach them how) *Meeting with me at least once each month (in Taipei) *Working time/place is flexible (e.g. the coding work can be done at home) D. Pay The pay will follow the MOST project standard for the part-time work per hour. The assistant can decide based on his/her own working time available. Engage on Facebook
  2. 2015-07-21 林彥良老師徵科技部計畫兼任研究助理 一、工作內容:參與並協助科技部計畫之執行,主題為多媒體語料庫與跨文化手勢相關議題。 二、人數:1-2名 三、資格限制: 1. 應英所碩士生(以今年九月入學新生為優先) 2. 個性積極主動負責 3. 具備動態影像編輯技術尤佳 四、待 遇:依科技部標準支薪 五、工作時數:面議(每週約8-15小時) 意者請聯繫Eric老師,以安排面試。 Engage on Facebook
  3. 2015-06-25 淡水古蹟博物館導覽員甄選正開放報名。資格條件詳如附件。 聯絡人:淡水古蹟博物館營運組鄒先生 (02)26212830#223。 Engage on Facebook
  4. 2015-06-25 張詠翔老師徵科技部計畫兼任研究助理 一、工作內容:參與並協助科技部計畫之執行,主題為語音學和第二語言習得相關議題。 二、資格限制: 1. 以今年九月要入學之英文系碩一生為優先 2. 個性積極主動負責 3. 曾修習語言學相關課程尤佳(語音學、音韻學、第二語言習得等) 三、待 遇:依科技部標準支薪 四、工作時數:面議(每週至少固定開會一次) 意者請聯絡張老師 安排面試。 Engage on Facebook
  5. 2015-06-20 應用英文系 104 學年度第 2 學期聘任專任教師徵才公告Link Engage on Facebook
  6. 2015-06-12 各位親愛的同學: 6/16(二)將進行四技推薦甄選入學招生面試,因報到教室及面試教室之需要,部份課程之教室異動如下: 四英一:新聞英語及聽講練(1,2節)->715 四英一:新聞英語及聽講練(3,4節)->715 四英二:進階會話(5,6節)->715 四英二:中級寫作(5,6節)->513(共同科館) 四英四:中英翻譯(5,6節)->716 請大家告訴大家,並請不要跑錯教室喔 Engage on Facebook
  7. 2015-06-11 祝福 畢業生們 前程似錦 Engage on Facebook
  8. 2015-06-09 國父紀念館 徵求展覽組實習生 2位 實習期間自104年7月1日至104年12月31日止 暑假期間每週一至週五 實習內容:協助展覽活動導覽與執行 Engage on Facebook
  9. 2015-06-09 為使參加校外實習課程之學生於實習前瞭解實習之安全權益及職場倫理,研發處訂於6/29下午2~4點及6/30下午2~4點於綜合科館第一演講廳舉行校外實習安全權益及倫理講習。請暑期實習學生務必參加,可2選1場。請於研發處網站報名。6/29場Link ;6/30場 Link ,若無法參加請至系辦填寫請假單(含班級/姓名/請假原因)。 Engage on Facebook
  10. 2015-06-08 The Oxford English Dictionary is back among our library's databases! The OED is the best dictionary in the English language. Not only does it give each word's definitions, it gives the definitions in chronological order and lists written examples, so you can see how a word's meaning has changed over time. This information is particularly helpful if you are reading anything that wasn't written in the twenty-first century. Scroll down until you find the definition that seems best to fit the context of the word you seek. If you are on campus, you should be able to access the dictionary by going to If you are off campus or this does not work, then sign into your student portal and go to the library's electronic databases page. Engage on Facebook
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